Hanwha Conductive Tile

Hanwha Conductive Tile

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FEATURES : 100% Homogenous PVC Tile Construction, Anti-static property prevents static build-up, Electro-dissipative property provides hazard free flooring, Tested in accordance to ASTM F150, UL-779 to meet electrical properties standards, No plasticizers which release VOC, Superb durability and wear resistance, Does not shrink, Excellent for very heavy traffic areas, Waterproof and non-porous, Maintains original color and appearance through time, Scratch and stain resistant, Impact tolerant, Dimensionally stable, Easy installation and maintenance
APPLICATIONS : Test rooms, Server pads, Control chambers, Clean rooms, Semiconductor facilities
3mm (T) X 450 mm (L) X 450 mm (W); 16 pcs/box

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